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Sweden 1-0 Italy: World Cup play-off first leg

Sweden is at half the distance to qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals after beating Italy 1-0 at Friends Arena in the first leg of the World Cup qualifier.

Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic came from the pitch to support his country.
The game began with a rapid pace of Sweden’s players in favor of both the ground and the public by applying advanced pressure on Italy’s defences.
Turkish referee Konit Shakir was given the yellow card for Marcos Berg for his violent intervention against Italy defender Leonadro Bonucci in the second minute of the match. Shakir’s express desire not to give the players an opportunity to speak and allow such interventions.
Italy has adopted its old style of systematic defence and stay in the back lines and waiting for the opportunity to launch counter-attacks, while Sweden tried to pressure and cut the balls and penetration from the depth and try to remote payment.
Andrea Bellotti had just opened the scoring for Italy from Mateo Darmian’s cross, but his ball went out next to the right-hand guard of Sweden.
The owners of the land responded with a shot from Ola Tuifonen but went out next to Gianluigi Buffon’s security guard.
The pressure from Sweden increased with a shot from Emile Vorsberg from outside the penalty area, but the goal of the Italian team.
Chiro Emobili wasted the opportunity to unseat the Swedish goalkeeper, after a bad reception for a long pass in the penalty area.
The 29th minute a yellow card in the face of Marco Verati to miss the second leg in Italy.
Toyovinen almost cheated Buffon after dodging Giorgio Cielini in the penalty area, but the veteran goalkeeper took the ball and pushed it twice to keep the ball away from his goal.
The rest of the match was limited to midfield and ended with a draw between the two teams.
Italy wanted to surprise Sweden in the second half with a quick start in contrast to the first half, the cross of Kandriva seriously beyond the Swedish defence.
Kandriva fired the first goal on the goal in the 48th minute and the goalkeeper went beyond it to a corner.
Eckdal, the Hamburg SV, went out in the 75th minute and was replaced by Johansen.
The game was interrupted in the 58th minute due to the injury of Kelini as a result of a deliberate push from Berg, in which Buffon ordered the referee to declare the yellow card, but he refused, taking into account the first yellow card.Berg Violent interventions continued in the face of Daniel de Rossi, raising objections from the coaching staff and Sweden’s players.
The 61st minute saw Sweden’s first goal through substitute Johansson from a direct shot from outside the penalty area to hit De Rossi’s foot and turn in the direction of Buffon’s goal.
Johansson’s goal is the first in his international career with Sweden after 14 games.
Ventura, the Italy coach, sensed the danger and wanted to activate his line of attack. Bellotti pulled out and put Edir in his place in the 65th minute.
The most dangerous chances for Italy after Sweden’s goal came from a long-range shot from outside the penalty area, hitting the right post.
Sweden tried to contain the uprising of Italy by calming the gameplay and passing the crossbar in the middle of the pitch and the back line.
Ventura entered his second sheet in the 76th minute for Lorenzo Encini instead of Marco Verati in an effort to squeeze more and find offensive solutions.
Italy lacked the solutions in the remaining time of the game and the players seemed lost without movement to the organisation and the Swedish team to end the meeting with the loss of Italy for a goal and postpone the task of decisiveness at the San Siro stadium in Milan, which will make the Italian public a living hell for Sweden.